Established 1887

 The Yandina Hotel situated in Yandina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland is a hotel which was established by Australian pioneers. Yandina was a staging depot on the route between Brisbane and the Gold fields in Gympie.

 Besides the gold rush there were a number of additional thirsty tasks such as building roads and railways, clearing land and harvesting sugar cane. John Sommer built the Australian Hotel in Yandina around 1887.

 He was granted a licence in 1889. However, he discovered he had built it in the wrong position (Gympie Road). As a result, in 1891 the Australian Hotel was hitched up to a team of bullocks and moved on skids to Yandina Hotel’s present site in Stevens Street.

 The Yandina Hotel is one of the oldest hotel buildings on the Sunshine Coast, today it offers all the services of a modern hotel but also offers the experience of an original authentic Aussie PUB.